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Three Reasons a Roof Can Collapse

The fear of many homeowners when thinking about their worst-case scenario is a roof that collapses. Some people may think that a roof only collapses as a result of a storm or other extreme event, such as a large amount of snow. While harsh weather does cause roofs to collapse, there can be other causes of a roof collapsing.


These other causes can be viewed as mundane but that doesn’t make their effects any less devastating. To prevent your roof from collapsing you will want to be sure that you know what causes roof problems to prevent them from happening to you. If you need roof repair to address these issues, roofing companies in Roswell are happy to work on your roof.

Aging Roof

Roofs typically need to be replaced every twenty years. This is to prevent problems from accumulating around your roof and prevent problems. After twenty years, a roof is not able to adequately prevent moisture and other unwanted elements from getting into your home. The structure of the roof is also too weak to properly withstand extreme elements.


Roofs are built from materials that will decay and sag over time. While materials are always improving, old roofs need to be repaired or replaced to keep up with standards. Even with the best care, a roof will still be damaged from regular wear and tear.

Improper Roof Drainage

To keep your roof from collapsing as a result of snow, it is crucial to make sure that the structure of your roof is sound. A lot of elements can ruin the foundation of your roof, the most likely cause is typically water damage. Water can cause dry rot and make your roof weaker.


Roofs are designed to slope snow and other heavy elements off your roof. When the structure is impacted, any amount of excess weight can cause problems. Especially when it is wet-weight like snow. If the damage to the structure of your roof is caused by moisture, snow will make that issue worse as well.

Improper Maintenance

Any roof needs to be maintained over time. You will need to make sure that nothing is blocked as it leaves the roof and that the drainpipes are not plugged. This will cause potentially heavy elements to stay on the roof longer and cause your roof to deal with more weight than it is built to deal with.


This extra weight on the roof makes any extra stress on your roof that much more dangerous. Roofs are designed to hold so much weight, and even the sturdiest roofs cannot handle an endless amount of build-up. Making sure that everything can leave the roof safely is a key aspect of maintaining a roof.


To prevent one of the scariest things from happening to your roof, it is important to keep up on some mundane tasks. When your roof needs repairs to prevent a further problem, Roswell Roofing Company is happy to ensure that your roof is safe for years.

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