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Myths about Public School

to animate and manage understudies in all periods of their perusing that they may discover expanding lam bang dai hoc and fulfillment and may fill in basic judgment and appreciation;

iv. To make accessible new turn of events and keep students side by side of current patterns in schooling perceive peruser’s necessities and keeping them all around educated to establish a well powerful instructive climate;

v. To work with the instructor in the determination and creation of instructive materials that meet the points of the educational plan, offer direction in the utilization of assortment, assessment of schooling projects and materials, works with the area, association and upkeep of materials proficiently; and

vi. To assist understudies with turning out to be talented clients of libraries and of printed and general media materials.

Library Provision at Albert Academy School Library

A significant job in the data administration given by current school library is in the arrangement of materials applicable to the curricular necessities of understudies and educators. Lately, the educational plan exercises have moved to another level, where the school being steady asset of this development, should try to house an assortment of print and non-print materials and approach where conceivable to electronic wellsprings of data which are likewise essential for the data assets in the library.

Given the requests of the advanced school educational plan, the school library should now house a wide assortment of print and non-print materials and approach, where conceivable, to electronic wellsprings of data. The Albert Academy School gives printed materials, book, fiction and true to life just as handouts, papers, graph, pictures, monographs, manuals, handbooks, course readings and other reference books the library likewise gives non-books materials which incorporate sound and general media materials, slides, tape-slides, video tapes, and CD ROM’s

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