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Curtains For Living Room Decorating Ideas



Curtains for living rooms can really make a difference in terms of styling the entire living space or designing the room to look bigger or smaller. But it is best that you look for curtain trends before purchasing curtains for your living rooms. You must first consider the overall size of the window and the area where you are going to place the curtains. Before making any decision about curtain choices, you must also consider some other factors such as the type of fabric to be used, the design trend, color scheme and the availability of different types of curtains.

Blackout Curtains

This style of curtain is ideal for rooms with small windows. Curtains like these are usually made of heavy cotton or polyester. They are usually available in plain colors or those with patterned designs. You may want to go for this type of curtain mainly because they are very durable and can last for a long time beyond the wear and tear stage. You should also note that blackout curtains are best for rooms with a plain paint or wallpaper that is not glossy.

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Cold Water Curtains

These are best curtains for cold weather conditions. Curtains like these work best in winter when you want to keep the warmness inside your home. There are also various styles available in stores today. Some of the popular styles include vinyl curtains, nylon curtains and polyester curtains. The fabrics used in cold water curtains are usually heavier than the ones used for summer living rooms.


Vinyl Curtains

If you wish to have your own curtains custom-made, then choosing these curtains are the best option. You will find a huge variety in these fabric types and designs. You may also consider buying several colors of these for different rooms in your house. Vinyl curtains are lightweight and have a low-water rating, which makes them perfect for use in winter.

Nylon Curtains

These are more expensive than vinyl and come in more colors, patterns and sizes. As compared to other materials, nylon fabric is more resistant to flame damage. There is no need for a liner and no stiff seam allowances. Nylon curtains are heavy enough to bear the weight of the furnishings and the human body. You can choose from a wide selection of shades for your living room curtains.


Silk Curtains

These provide the best curtain effect at a very low cost. They are available in plain colors as well as with printed designs. They are lightweight and do not retain heat unlike nylon curtains. These can be installed on top of plain blinds or even over tall furniture without worrying about a frame glare.


Vertical Curtains

These curtains are called as such because they are installed from above. This feature helps to regulate the lighting of your living room. You can buy the fabrics in any color, pattern and size to create a customized look for your interiors. You can use these in tandem with drapes. For a complete blackout, you may either choose vertical curtains, drapes or both.


Vinyl Curtains

These curtains are the best for your living room. You may opt for either full length or just the bottom edge. These are available in full length and with or without a valance. The fabric is available in a large variety of colors, styles, patterns, shades and textures. They are light, durable and require very less maintenance.


Tumble Dry Low Bay

These living room curtains have the combination of features to suit any type of theme. You may like to have a romantic theme, traditional, contemporary, etc. The tumbling dry low bay is perfect for such type of decoration. It comes with a special valance which helps to keep it separated from the main drapery. This also helps it to maintain its beauty and last longer than other types of fabrics.


Blackout Curtains

For an ultimate window treatment, choose the blackout living room curtain. These are perfect for those who want to sleep during the day and enjoy the view of the outdoors. If you live in a place where there is no sunshine and you need to cover yourself from the sun during the night, the blackout curtain is the best option for you. These are available in dark colors and come with special mesh backing to prevent any cold drafts from coming into your room. If you like to have the blackout drapery while watching TV, you may simply attach the blackout cord to the TV or DVD player itself.


Copper Grommets

Add a unique touch to your living room by using the copper grommets. These are available in different shades to match any color scheme. Besides helping to filter light, they are also durable and will not fade with the changing seasons. You may choose from a range of colors including blue, gray, ivory, and chocolate brown among others.


Choose Your Favorite Fabric – After selecting the perfect material, you should know what your favorite look should be. While most people prefer plain and solid colors, you may want something a little different. The fabric you choose should help to bring out the best features of your space and complement it well. For example, if you love the rustic look, pick russet curtains. For a contemporary feel, go for something with subtle silver tones. To get the best curtain, you should be able to find the one that suits both your budget and your style.

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